The Great Indian Kitchen: is all my fate?

This simple and thought provoking Malayalam movie, “The Great Indian Kitchen” took me down the lane. The last time I had grown my nails was for my wedding, and now it’s been 14 years. Cleaning vessels till date, never allows me to…

A Daughter’s Promise

Author: Lynette Rees

About the author

RONE Award nominated author Lynette Rees is a former writing therapist, tutor and mentor. She has written in many genres and has seen a huge success in her self- published books. The Workhouse Waif hit the Amazon Kindle bestseller list and…

Morality for Beautiful Girls

Author: Alexander McCall Smith

Good deeds and traditional values resonate here.

About the author:

Alexander McCall Smith was born in Zimbabwe and educated there and in Scotland. He is a Professor of Medical Law at the University of Edinburgh and is a member of a number of national and international bodies concerned with…

A ration book wedding

Author: Jean Fullerton

Only love.

About the author

Jean Fullerton is the author of fifteen historical novels and two novellas. She is a qualified District and Queen’s nurse who has spent most of her working life in the East End of London first as a Sister in charge…

Today, Aug 12 happens to be World Elephant Day.

Somehow I always compared a woman to an elephant. Seriously! If you ask me how, then there are a lot of characteristics to be compared to.

Elephants are highly sensitive and caring, so we are.

They mourn the death of their…

It’s not about a cocktail!

Speak up, if not now than never.

Some movies are just a hard core reality. The other day I happened to watch a Malayalam movie, Prathi poovankozhi. Its English translation would be funny to many. Prathi means convict and Poovankozhi means a cock. In totality, a cock is the culprit…

Like a sky cracked open

between us, lightning striking

the place where we are today.

Life was bliss when we’d first met,

It was at the atheneum near my nest.

An instant spark lit as our eyes met,

Gone with the wind,was our search from the set.

I was blown by your chivalry when you offered me the only true copy,

Like in a trance, I stumbled through the lane to reach my shanty.

Days passed, we came closer, took the vows to stay together,

All was good, our little one added to our pleasure.

But her wicked eyes swooped you from us,

We tried hard but our love couldn’t hold you longer.

Leaving us vulnerable, you went afar,

Conferring on us an everlasting scar.

5 ways to ease your house chores: equitable sharing is the solution

Women and work go hand- in-hand. 21st century has seen a myriad increase in women in all professional fronts. As there is no dearth of opportunities, women are shining all the way. Around the world, women have shown…

Adventures of Ginni, the giraffe

Ginni, the giraffe was a special one.

He was special because he had colored spots instead of dark ones.

He was special because he was a stutter.

He was special because he was abandoned by its tower as soon as they realized his defects.

Poor Ginni, cried, cried, and cried…

Mareena Joseph

A libran, practical, sincere, blogger, music lover and an ardent movie buff.

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